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Essential Guidelines for Your Moroccan Adventure.

Ensure your passport remains valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of return. Travelers from most European countries do not require a visa. An ID card alone will not suffice for entry into Morocco.

How to Get to Morocco and Its Desert Regions.

A range of airlines including TUI Fly, Royal Air Maroc, and Ryanair serve Morocco, offering convenient connections from major European cities.

Transportation to the Moroccan Desert

Upon your arrival, our team can coordinate your Moroccan experience from day one, introducing you to the country through its local guides, cooks, and camel handlers. You have the option to hire a vehicle for the duration of your stay, or utilize public transportation such as buses. We recommend the CTM bus service or a shared taxi to venture into the Moroccan desert.

Budget Considerations for Your Moroccan Trip.

Self-organized trips will vary in cost depending on your preferences for accommodations and dining. Here's an average price range per person to help you budget:

  •  Basic hotel room: €25 to €50
  • Comfortable hotel room: €50 to €90
  •  Luxury hotel or Riad double room: €90 and up
  •  Meals: €15 to €40

Cheaper options are available, but they often reflect a lower quality of service.

Currency and Monetary Transactions.

The Moroccan Dirham (MAD) is the official currency, with an exchange rate of roughly 1€ = +/- 10MAD. Currency can be exchanged at airport bureaus, certain hotels, and numerous banks. For those with VISA cards: It's crucial to notify your bank to permit international transactions. Most banking institutions have ATMs, and cash is the predominant mode of payment for goods and services.

Preparing for Desert Excursions and Treks

In Morocco, our 4x4 vehicles are ready to provide comfortable transport for everyone. Those trekking in the desert of southern Morocco need not be exceptionally fit, as our team caters to all fitness levels.

Hydration and Cuisine in the Desert

Water is a vital necessity in the desert. We ensure adequate supply for the duration of trekking, with a typical consumption of 1 to 3 liters a day from November to February and 3 to 4 liters during warmer months. Nomadic tea, offered frequently, is an excellent remedy for dehydration. Our food is simple, local, and participatory in preparation — though your help is welcomed, it's entirely voluntary.

Essential Packing for Desert Treks

Opt for a non-wheeled bag, a sleeping bag, comfortable trekking shoes, sporty attire, and warm layers for chilly desert nights under the stars. Be prepared for significant temperature drops after sunset, particularly in winter. A nomadic Chèche (turban) is invaluable for protecting against sun, wind, and sand. Don't forget a flashlight or headlamp, matches, sunglasses, sunscreen, and basic first aid supplies (including antiseptics, disinfectants, and bandages). Items like antihistamines and eye drops can also be practical. Take a small backpack for daily necessities, paper bags for waste, and toilet paper.

Lodging Options in Morocco

Morocco provides a variety of accommodations to suit different travels and budgets:

  • Hotels - Ranging from basic to luxurious, hotels in Morocco are rated by stars, reflecting their level of comfort and service.
  • Riads - These grand family dwellings, typically located in medinas, are built around central courtyards that stay cool in summer. Rooms often face the patio, offering a serene environment.
  • Kasbahs - Found in the southern part of the country, these historic fortified clay buildings once housed nobility. Some have been converted into accommodations, offering both traditional charm and modern conveniences, though prices may be steep.
  • Staying with Locals - For an immersive cultural experience, consider lodging with Moroccan families, particularly in the desert regions, which can deepen your understanding of local life.







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