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Trek south Moroccan desert 3 days

Morocco Desert Trek for 3-day - camel trek  in the moroccan desert with nights under the stars. Starting from M'hamid the gateway to the Moroccan desert.

1 day:

Departure from M'hamid in the morning, the gateway to the desert of Morocco, towards the Ksar Bousnina dunes. You then walk in the footsteps of the old trade caravans which crossed the Moroccan desert via Mali, Algeria and Morocco (Marrakech) towards Europe. If you are lucky, you can even find old jewelry or other small objects dating from this period! Lunch in the shade of the tamarisks. Night in Berber tents or under the stars in the desert.


2 day:

Departure from the dunes of Ksar Bousnina towards the dunes of Ait Onir. We will continue crossing the Moroccan desert in the Draa Valley, to the rhythm of the camels and in the silence of the Moroccan desert. Dinner around the fire with Saharan songs from our team from the southern Morocco desert. Night in a tent or under the stars in the Sahara desert.

3 day: Return to M’hamid, crossing the (dried up) Drâa river. Lunch on the road.


Looking to embark on a hiking or trekking adventure in the Moroccan desert starting from M'hamid?

Discover multiple avenues to reach M'hamid, the gateway to the southern Moroccan desert:

  • Conveniently access the Moroccan desert via public transportation from Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Agadir, or Zagora, whether by taxi or bus.
  • Alternatively, explore the desert by renting a car for added flexibility.
  • Allow our agency to facilitate your transportation to the desert gateway, serving as the launchpad for your Sahara expedition.

We can seamlessly arrange your accommodations from your arrival at the Moroccan airport.

While our suggested circuits and hikes offer enticing experiences, we excel in tailoring personalized itineraries for your Moroccan adventure.

We recommend allocating 2 days for travel from Marrakech, ensuring ample time to explore iconic sites such as the Telouet Kasbah, the Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah (a fortified castle), and the scenic Drâa Valley. Similarly, plan for a 2-day road trip from Agadir, encompassing visits to Taroudant, the Berber oasis of Tiout, and an overnight stay in the Tata oasis.

For expert guidance on reaching the Moroccan desert or venturing to any destination in southern Morocco, feel free to reach out. We're dedicated to ensuring a seamless journey.









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Trek south Moroccan desert 3 days
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