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Circuit, Trek - Excursion and tour in the Moroccan desert

Travel and Tour in Morocco from Marrakech, Agadir... Excursion and Trek in the Moroccan desert.

Discover the Moroccan desert by traveling with an agency specializing in ecotourism tour and trek in the Moroccan desert. Moroco Desert Travel has extensive experience in organizing tours and hikes in the Moroccan Sahara, and more particularly in the Moroccan desert in the southeast of Morocco. Adventure awaits with Voyage Desert Maroc!

Tour and trekking in the Moroccan desert "à la carte"

The trips in the Moroccan desert offered by Voyage Desert Maroc are tours, treks whose starting points from Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Agadir, and Mhamid the composition (only the desert, visits to natural sites, cities, etc.) and the type (trek, hiking, 4x4 tour, or a mix...) can vary depending on your affinities and the duration of your stay in Morocco. Whatever the type of tour chosen, all team members, originally from the Moroccan desert, make it a point of honour to respect the fauna and flora of the sites crossed.

We offer different accommodation types, according to your wishes and desires: hotels, lodges, homestay accommodation, ... In the desert, whether in our "wild" bivouacs or our fixed bivouacs in M'hamid or Erg Chigaga, we offer evenings around a fire with an unforgettable atmosphere and the possibility of observing the stars with a telescope.

Morocco desert tour by 4×4

We also organize tours in the desert of Morocco by 4×4, with the most tremendous respect for the environment: our professional and responsible team ensures that they only use existing tracks to preserve the flora and fauna of the desert.

Excursion in the desert by 4x4 in moroccoExcursion in the moroccan desert by 4x4 with a Picnic under tree shade

Activities and visits to do in Marrakech:

Day trips departing from Marrakech:

Tours and travel from Marrakech:

Excursion departs from Marrakech - 2 days

  • Circuit to visit Ouarzazate, the Hollywood of Morocco, and its beautiful kasbahs (Ait Ben Haddou, Telouet...). A two-day excursion departing from Marrakech to explore the Atlas and Ouarzazate passing through the kasbah of Caid Laglawi Telouet, the famous kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, and visit the film studios.

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Excursion Marrakech to Essaouira - 2 days

  • Excursion from Marrakech, aventure tow days to Essaouira and its beautiful beaches. Circuit departing from Marrakech to explore the city of Essaouira, discover the fortified medina and its port offering delicious fish.

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Travel in southern Morocco from Marrakech - 3 days

  • Circuit to the Moroccan desert. 3 days from Marrakech to Zagora and the Drâa Valley. A southern Morocco desert excursion departing from Marrakech to discover the Sahara Desert of Morocco passing through Ouarzazate, the Drâa Valley with its magnificent kasbahs, and the great dunes of Chegaga.

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Tour from Marrakech, Dades Gorges and Merzouga Desert - 3 days

  • Moroccan desert excursion to the southern Moroccan, valley of roses and the Dadès Gorges. Travel to discover Ouarzazate, the Valley of Roses and the moroccan desert of Merzouga with Morocco desert travel.

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Tour from Marrakech to Taroudant, Agadir and Essaouira - 3 days

  • Four-day journey to Agadir and the city of Taroudant. A 3-day circuit departing from Marrakech to discover the beach of Agadir and the old medina of Taroudant.

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Morocco desert tour by 4x4 from Marrakech - 4 days

  •  Moroccan desert tour 4 days by 4x4. An unforgettable desert tour in Morocco departing from Marrakech to discover the sea of sand in the Moroccan desert, M'hamid Desert. Passing through the famous Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate, Zagora, M'hamid, and then the great dunes of Morocco, the Chegaga dunes.

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Desert tour Merzouga Morocco en 4x4 - 4 days

  • Four-day circuit in the Sahara Desert of Morocco in a 4x4. A 4-day Moroccan desert stay departing from Marrakech of adventure through the majestic Moroccan desert and the dunes of Merzouga.

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Desert tour in Morocco departs from Marrakech - 6 days

  • Moroccan desert circuit departing from Marrakech. An unforgettable stay in the Moroccan desert departing from Marrakech. A 6-day adventure circuit in the desert of Morocco with Moroccan Desert Travel.

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Tour to the mountains and desert in Morocco - 6 days

  • Circuit in the Moroccan desert. A journey through the desert and mountains of Morocco, departing from Marrakech in a 4x4 for a 6-day adventure in the Moroccan desert passing through the Valley of Roses and the Drâa Valley.

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Desert tour departs Marrakech - 7 days

  • Circuit in the Moroccan desert departing from Marrakech. Embark on an unforgettable 7-day adventure in the great south of Morocco from Marrakech. Passing through Ouarzazate, Agdez, and M'hamid, the gateway to the Moroccan desert.

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  • Excursion in the Moroccan desert crossing the mountains of Morocco to reach the Moroccan desert, departing from Marrakech in a 4x4 for an unforgettable stay in southern Morocco. Travel with Moroccan Desert Travel for a memorable stay in the sun.

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Activities and visits to do in Ouarzazate:

Excursions and tours departing from Ouarzazate:

Trips and stays departing from Ouarzazate:

Morocco desert tour from Ouarzazate - 3 days

  • 3-day journey into the Moroccan desert departing from Ouarzazate. Discover the Moroccan desert from Ouarzazate to the great Sahara Desert through the M'hamid desert gateway.

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Merzouga desert tour from Ouarzazate - 3 days

  • 3-day stay in the Moroccan desert, the Merzouga desert. Circuit in the Moroccan desert departing from Ouarzazate.

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Excursion departs from ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou villageKasbah Ait Ben Haddou World Heritage Site l'UNESCO

Activities and visits to do in Agadir:

  • Enjoy the magnificent beach of Agadir
  • Boat excursion in the sea
  • Excursion to the Souss Massa Nature Reserve
  • Visit Souk Elhad
  • Surfing day in Taghazoute near Agadir
  • Visit the old Agadir (Agadir Oufla)
  • Discovery day in Taroudant and its souk
  • 2-day excursion to Tafraout

Circuit, excursion, and trip in the Moroccan desert departing from Agadir

Travel to desert from Agadir - 4 days

  • Stay in the Moroccan desert: a 4-day trip in a 4x4 passing through the Tata oasis, the Moroccan sand sea, and the Draa Valley.

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Desert excursion departs from Agadir - 4 day 

  • 4-day desert circuit departing from Agadir. Excursion and stay in the Moroccan desert from Agadir for 4 days of adventure in the Sahara desert.

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Voyage desert Maroc from Agadir - 5 days

  • 5-day stay in the Moroccan desert departing from Agadir. Circuit and excursion to the Moroccan desert in a 4x4 with Moroccan desert travel.

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Travel in the Moroccan desert from Agadir - 5 days

  • 5-day excursion in the Moroccan desert. 5-day stay in the Moroccan desert with Moroccan Desert Travel from Agadir in a 4x4 for an unforgettable experience.

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Excursion Erg Chigaga departs - 5 days

  • 5-day desert adventure from Agadir, passing through Tafraout, Tata, and Erg Chegaga. Discover the stunning landscapes of the Moroccan desert and visit the iconic Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate.

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Excursion Agdir Merzouga - 5 Days

  • 5-day desert tour from Agadir to the desert of Merzouga. Explore Ouarzazate, the Valley of Roses, Dadès Valley, Todra Gorges, and more. Book your ultimate Moroccan desert adventure today!

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Travel to the southern Morocco from Agadir - 7 days 

  • 7-Day Moroccan Desert Tour. Trip departing from Agadir to Ouarzazate, the Todra Gorges, Merzouga, Agdz, Mhamid, Chegaga, and returning to Agadir via the dried-up Lake Iriki.

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Tour with guide departs from the coast of Agadir in MoroccoTravel in Morocco in the sea side with moroccan guide


  • Mixed desert stay and trek in Morocco. 4x4 circuit and camel trekking in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.

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Trek in the Moroccan desert depart from Mhamid

Trekking by camel in the moroccan desertTrek in the Moroccan desert by camel

==> Desert trek 2 days by camel for discovering the nomadic life  

==>Special 3 days camel desert trek to experience the Mhamid starry nights and the desert skills

==>Camel trek in the Moroccan desert "On the path of the marabout, shrine",  travelling 4-day in the Moroccan desert by dromedary with nights under the stars in the great Sahara southern Morocco departs from M'hamid Elghizlane.

==>Tour in Moroccan desert 5 days, it is a trekking to search for the traces of our nomadic ancestors in the Moroccan desert, on a camel to discover the marvelous ancient life of the Sahara desert.

==>Trekking "discovering the wells in the desert" of Morocco. Trek of 6 days in the Moroccan desert on camels or on foot with a team specialized in trekking.

==>Desert Morocco Trek 7 days to discover the real life of the nomads of the southern Morocco travelling in desert by camels or on foot with professional local guides.

Yoga and meditation retreat in the desert of Morocco

We also offer treks in the Moroccan desert for more specific purposes. Indeed, we have extensive experience organizing yoga or personal development courses in the heart of the southern Moroccan desert. For example, we can also adapt to your requests for organizing naturalist treks and ornithological observation.
Yogaretreat in Morocco desert Yoga group in the Sahara Desert Morocco










==>Book a yoga desert trek in Morocco and experience meditation in the heart of the Moroccan desert with its silence and starry nights. It is an experience that is memorable.

Travel, School tour in the Moroccan desert

We also have experience organizing school trips to the desert with groups of up to fifty people. Whatever type of trip you want, we can arrange your stay in Morocco as soon as you arrive at the airport. Indeed, we maintain quality relationships with several collaborators in the large cities of Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Agadir, etc.
school tour in Morocco desertDesert Camp and school trip in Morocco desert

==>Voyage Désert Maroc has much experience organizing school trips to the Moroccan desert.







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